Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Live ORB in a CRYPT

About 1977 my friend Sam Carsley (1941-2013) went on a mission with our new cameras, he bought a Nikon and I bought at Minolta 201.  We went to Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.  Our targets were the stain glass windows in Crypts.  We both grew up reading the comicbook TALES FROM THE CRYPT and were still fans  - so it fitted  right in.  The stained glass windows of course is aimed inward.  Just like church, the outside light illuminates giving a beautiful picture to the resident inside.  But since the residents in each crypt are dead it is argumentative if anyone  will actually see the stain glass art.  So, wanting to make sure those beautiful stained glass windows was not a waste of somebody's money we tried to help them out.  Above is an example of what we took.

When I took this picture I did not see the shapeless mass of light.  Only after it was developed was it plainly something odd.
I jokingly put it on facebook suggesting it might be a ghost.

A facebook friend, Jim Lamer wrote: That is called an Orb and it is a spirit.

Well, Hoot!

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