Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bluegrass Jams at Australian Bakery

This evening we went to the Australian Bakery for eats and what they have every Tuesday evening, the Bluegrass Jam Session.

A lot of people showed up with their music instruments.  

Be sure and check out this video - I am the star of it.*

Here is one where I showed up with the wrong kind of instrument, I showed up with a camera.  However, a guitar player that we have seen him play at the Acworth Opry volunteered  to swap instruments for a song and he would take my picture strumming his guitar...and I'll be ready to bash him on his head if he took off running with my camera.  Nah, not really I trusted him, I have seen him around.  Actually he is well know in the bluegrass community, a very positive guy by the name of Dickson Lester.

*Me playing the guitar reminds me of a big teenage goofus that was the brother of the young lady at the Acworth Opry who played and sung very good.  The only problem, she was short a guitar player.  She played but she had her younger brother stand there and pretend to play, I suppose to just give the band a balance look.  Sometimes he would forget to strum his hand over the guitar when his mind wandered.  We called him Joe (a private joke).

Below are a few random still pictures.  


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