Thursday, August 01, 2013


An ex-coworker of mine quit the Postal Service and started his own business about fifteen years ago.   I talked to his mother-in-law about a year ago and she said his business was doing just fine. The name of his business is AFFORDABLE KITCHEN CABINETS

Since then I have seen other businesses with the name AFFORABLE in the name, such as AFFORDABLE PLUMBING, AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPING, and AFFORDABLE this and that, I don't remember them all.

Now, I am thinking of starting my own business and why not use AFFORDABLE in the name?  I think I am going to call my business AFFORDABLE FRIEND.

One time when taking a computer course the instructor told me the night before at the Holiday Inn Lounge he got drunk and had as many good friends as money could buy.   I repeat:  "as money could buy".

I think I am friendly enough, in a quiet way, I smile when I speak a lot of the time, what could you ask more from a good sincere friend.   I can talk about a lot of stuff like historical events, family history,  old times "when things were black and white" (as my son said one time when he was young), and heck, even sports.

I know nothing what so ever about sports. I just never got it into my head to give a hoot about organized sports.   But I learned that people hear what they want to hear from you.  One time I walked into a country store in Union County and the owner's son started right off talking about names I never heard of and sporting events I wasn't even sure of what sport.  Then, I heard the name Vince Dooley then it all made sense.  I was wearing a ball cap with the big G in front.  He was talking about the Georgia Bulldogs and football... and what Vince Dooley was going to do about some guy.  I used cliché'  expressions, like, "Vince can see the whole picture and the tiny details that we can't".  He agreed with me, said he never looked at it like that before.  And some of the  players he mentioned I would smile and nod knowingly  and would say something like "there is a lot that most people don't know about that." 

I'm glad he didn't corner and demand more information on my connections with the University of Georgia.  I would have to confess the only connection I had  that my son went there and I was a big fan of the MAD cartoonist Jack Davis who drew excellent UGA DAWG cartoons for the UGA Booster Club.

I have all I need to start my AFFORDABLE FRIEND Business.  The only thing I don't have which might be an asset is glowing white teeth.

Which brings up another point, if I get a facelift and maybe get rid of my pot belly maybe I can be a TROPHY FRIEND which  I'm sure then I can demand more money.... then, if it comes to that I might not can legally use the word AFFORDABLE - Then what? 



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