Friday, August 02, 2013

Tooting One's Own Horn

I usually take a dim view when I hear (or read)  somebody tooting their own horn, with  an exception.  The exception is me.

Yesterday, I received the below email from Erin Hunt, which I must admit made me feel good and my head swelled up with an inflated ego.  Here is what Ervin had to say:

Hi. I stumbled across your blog, Chicken Fat the other day and I just wanted to say thank you. Phillip Hunt was my grandfather and I never really got a chance to know him before he passed away back in 2007. I never even met his parents. I've heard stories about Hunt's Economy Ice Cream and what we all call "Bubba's house", but I've never been able to do any more than look at the outside of the buildings. I've become very interested in my family history lately and reading through some of your blog posts had provided me with little bits of information about people I love but never knew. I'm extremely grateful for that. Thank you so much.


No, Thank you Erin for making my day.

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