Friday, August 16, 2013

Tuba Skinny and Washboard Solo

Above is the New Orleans hotel on Royal Street in the French Quarters we stayed at in  1994 on our last vacation as a family.   Ours sons were sprouting their wings.   It got our attention because it was hundreds of years old and was supposedly  the hotel Vampire Lestat de Lion Court  of Anne Rice's book INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE  stayed at when he was in New Oleans.

I have watched many videos of the Tuba Skinny street band in front of a hotel on Royal Street.  I  believe it is the same hotel.   Yep!  pretty sure.

Take it away Tuba!

PS.  I have been corrected.  My blogging buddy  Joe Stewart blog maser  of TALLEYHO sent me this:

I saw your post about tuba skinny on Royal Street. I remember you posted this once before.
The video you posted shows them in front of 623 Royal Street. If you look closely behind them
That address is now a coffee shop at 623 Royal called Royal Blend. When that video was made it was called Cafe au Lait.
However your photos of the hotel you stayed in in New Orleans is on the corner of Royal and St. Philip if you look closely.
That corner is in the 1000 block of Royal Street. I spent a good deal of time on google maps checking these locations.
Also I lived in New Orleans for years near those addresses. I know those streets like the lines on my face and hands.
The hotel you stayed in is now called the Hotel Royal. It is located at 1006 Royal Street.

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Blogger ivantrad (at) outlook (dot) com said...

Sounds like 'Jackson Stomp' - a tune very unusual in consisting of eleven bars (measures). Robin Rapuzzi on washboard, Ryan singing and - in those early days of Tuba Skinny - two fiddles - Aaron and Shaye.

8:22 AM  

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