Monday, August 26, 2013

The Dog Food Coupon Fairy

A few months ago we went to Petco to buy a sack of dog food. We like to study the sacks to figure out which is the most for the buck. While we were studying, a woman approached us and said she just happened tohave a coupon for a certain type of dog food, which was rated high in what was good for your dog. The coupon was for a whole big sack of dog food, free. Of course we used it.

Yesterday, we were back on the same aisle of shelves of sacks of dog food trying to decide what we needed, for nutrition at the best price. A lady with black pants and shirt showed up and told us all kinds of facts about the different types of dog food and what to look for. She sounded like a health-nut talking about things like the right amount of protein and what was better digestible, bla, bla bla. She also guided us to the brand she represented . Then she said she had a dollar coupon to give us. She couldn't find the dollar coupons she had hidden way but did find a $2 coupon she had stashed, which she gave us.

Later we were talking about twice we have been approached in that aisle and given valuable coupons. We said it was like having a Dog Food Coupon Fairy with you.

Did I mention she knew all about the value of exercise, food nutrients, and all that - just like a regular health-food nut? Did I mention she reeked with the odor of nicotine?



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