Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Marietta Presented When Things Were B & W

Davis McCollum

Click on image to make sense of it.

O.M. (Old Marietta) creator and operator Davis McCollum invited me to a Cobb Landmarks Presentation at the Anderson/Fowler House, a  slide presentation of  old Marietta pictures.

Many of the people in the audience knew inside information about some of the buildings, which made the presentation an informal chat.  Each pictures was a new conversational piece.

Very impressive!

The Anderson/Fowler House

Larry Fowler who grew up in this house told me if you stand at a certain point, about where I took the picture, if you speak, you voice echos.  I tried it.  It did.

Out the same window is a great view of the Glover Mansion

(right) Perk

Henry Cole (donated Marietta National Cemetery) Descendant 

Starr Fowler

Larry Fowler

Great job Davis!

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Blogger Mark Kirk said...

Great evening! Enjoyed your coverage.

4:50 AM  

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