Sunday, October 09, 2011

Whistle Stopping in North Georgia & North Carolina

Above is a blip of the bluegrass band Brushfire plunking strumming away in what used to be a courtroom in what used to be the Union County Courthouse before the Union County Georgia Historical Society took it over. I know, I know, the lightening is poor. Sorry.

Friday of this past week we left for a 32 hour whistle-stop jaunt of the north Georgia mountains and the North Carolina mountains.

We got a room in Blairsville next door to the courthouse, then went down to the Choestoe community and Booger Hollow to eat and look around to see if anything has changed since our last visit in July. Choestoe in Indian talk means, "Land of the Dancing Rabbits." It is also where my ancestor lived in the mid 1800s and their decendants still do.

The main intention of this trip was to attend the Ray Reunion at the Burningtown Baptist Church, in the community of the same name, near Franklin, North Carolina. I think there were probably some that strayed off or haven't got there yet before this picture was taken, there always are. But this give you an idea of the number of people who attended, but unfortunately, it doesn't show you the excuses of the people who didn't attend.

A chicken-fat reader! At the Ray Reunion this lady told me she reads Chicken-fat everyday. I felt very complemented. What made it even more complementary is that she smiled when she said it. I didn't know whether to thank her or apologize.

After going over the pictures, I have enough to stretch this 32 hour trip into a few days. That is a hint of things to come for you to look forward to or a fair warning.

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