Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 2nd Leg of Our Journey, Saturday Morning

Youtube finally let loose of the video we made. Anna did the videoing and I did the driving. I also put the classical music in which I think delayed it. Things would have went much better if I had not touched it.

We drove from Blairsville to Franklin, North Carolina, which was less than a two hour drive.

We drove through the Nantahala National Forest, about a 30 mile ride in the mountains before we arrived in Franklin. See the video above.

There were were plenty of turned leaves in every color. Our path was only about 15 to 20 miles north of the Georgia state line. There were no changed leaves in Georgia then. Mother Nature is probably mad at us again.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We often drive thru the Nantahala going to Winston Salem, NC. It's so much more relaxing to just head north on I-575, hitting Spur 60 near Morganton than fight I-85 even before they converted the HOV lane to a private lane for rich folk who won't have to suffer traffic with the rest of us.

It's nice to see the kayaks and rafters, and the Great Smoky Mountain railroad which ends in the rafting area as well. We usually lunch in Asheville, a great city for many things, not least of all, great choices for places to eat.

Mike D

8:10 AM  

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