Friday, October 07, 2011

Pigging Out at Grand Champion's BBQ

Coupons are good advertisement tools. When we find a coupon for a new BBQ establishment, you know we HAVE to try it, and it was close by to boot!! On our first visit to G.C. BBQ (Grand Champion), we decided it was highly ranking, so we went back the very next day. That is an endorsement of the highest caliber!

After finding the coupon, the next thing to do is check it out online. People could not say enough good things. I ordered a half-rack of ribs. They were the meatiest, tender ribs I have ever sunk my teeth into and delicious! The next day I was going to try out their sampler platter, but they were out of beef brisket. They would just double up on anything else that I preferred. Nope! When I want to sample I want to sample everything – I want to be a hog about it, so to speak, so I ordered the ribs again. The ribs were just as meaty as they were the first day. Anna asked did I want some barbecue sauce, and I said no, it didn’t need any sauce. The rub was coming to life on my taste buds. Anna had a taste and said they might be a tad salty, but I thought it was still excellent.

The wait staff are friendly and appear to be accommodating. Grand Champion BBQ is in a shopping center close to Publix on Shallowford Road, one block east of Johnson Ferry Road. If they were one block west of Johnson Ferry, they would have a Marietta address and not be stuck with a prestigious Roswell, Georgia address.

Their address is 4401 Shallowford Road, Roswell, Georgia, and phone is (770) 587-4BBQ (4337- get it?).

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