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Atlanta Botanical Garden Thursday Sept 29th

Atlanta Botanical Garden is adjacent to Piedmont Park and next to the exclusive Piedmont Driving Club. We went there Thursday evening to the monthly cocktail party offered on a Groupon. It looks different since our initial visit several years ago before they built the Kendeda Canopy Walk.

Groupon had an offer to get in at a substantial savings. It was good for any Thursday for the Happy Hour through September, which was from 6 until 10pm. We were to meet a married couple there, but after trying several dates that each had problems, we found ourselves left with the last offered date. The male half of the couple was sick, but the wife met us a little after 6 pm.

As we entered the Visitor Center a man pointed to a cashier’s box as he said, “Groupon people go there.” I wonder why he looked right at us when he said “Groupon?”

The whole area was superbly decorated with a theme of Fall and Halloween. There was a bar within a stone’s throw almost any place in the park if you wanted a drink .

I wonder if some parents covered their child's eyes when they first glilmpsed at the above?

The Kendeda Canopy Walk is the subject of the next 5 pictures. It made headline news during construction when it collapsed causing many workers to be injured, one loosing his life. With this elevated walk you are high above beautiful nature giving a nature walk without having to make contact with nature. You don’t have to worry about stepping on critter dung or whether you're safe from an angry critter like a chipmunk attacking you. But remember, the squirrels and birds can still get you. Boo! I think the walk would even be better if it was in a glass tube with climate control temperatures and maybe a nice flat Screen TV showing nature scenes about every 50 feet or so.

High up in the trees is the Kendeda Canopy Walk, where we were earlier.

Gothic Pumpkins

I'm beginning to learn how to use the close-up lens of our new camera.

While I was photographing the above, a young lady walked up and said something like, "Isn't that a beautiful arrangement?", which I concurred. She was proud of everything there since she was part of the staff. The upper part of the arrangement is a batch of okra, which she added, "And it was delicious!" She said she cooked it herself. I asked if she was from Georgia since everybody eats okra in Georgia. She said she is from Mississippi, and they like okra there too.

She described the upcoming ABG event themes, like Thanksgiving, Christms lights, and Spring.
We were in the edible area. On display was edible foods that was grown there with a huge line waiting for a taste. They ran out of food and we were glad we had decided against being in the line. The young lady told us the Orchid House is nice and was available right around the corner, which we did. There just was not enough light to enjoy the flowers there. Orchids need their beauty sleep too.* It was time to go home anyway.

*aka Photosythensis



Anonymous Anonymous said...

April and I used to meet there after work on the free,at that time, Thursdays and stroll the gardens and the hot house, whatever it's called. Afterward, we'd go to Babette's Cafe on North Highland, my favorite cafe. I always get the mussels with strawberry serrano pepper sauce, and thanks to the french bread, none of the sauce is ever left. I've been going there, including before its move to the current location for almost 20 years.

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