Saturday, October 01, 2011

OK Cafe - Been There!

The OK Cafe Money Tree

Thursday evening we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. On the way back home we decided to drop by OK Cafe. We heard a lot of good things about the place, and just recently we heard they had excellent grilled cheese sandwiches.

We dropped by. They are in the front parking lot of the shopping center at West Paces Ferry Road and Northside Drive. The grilled cheese sandwiches were OK. Well, I guess OK is OK for a restaurant by the same name. I wish they had named their restaurant Excellent Cafe or Delicious Cafe or maybe even OO La La Cafe.

OK Cafe, to me is the definition of a Cafe or a a Diner. The waitresses are very efficeint and know how to juggle things around and keep their wit about them and they have a fast pace and witty quick replies. The music, of course, golden oldies.

I think the cashier told me they have been there 28 years. She also told me they were not a franchise or a chain. It was just them. The owner named the restaurant after the cafe in Harper Lee's book TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and has a letter framed by the cash register from Harper Lee saying something to that effect - the print was too small to read from the other side of the counter but I don't think it was threatening to sue or anything like that. Being that it is framed I bet it was more warming than that.



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