Friday, October 21, 2011

Foot Stomping Bluegrass at the American Legion

Last night we went to a free bluegrass performance at the Powder Springs American Legion. A gentlemen gave us a flyer about the performance while we were at the Tuesday jamming session in front of the Australian Bakery on the Square. The Legion event is held every 3rd Thursday of the month. Say free and we are there!

While at the square jamming session, we met and sat with a young lady named Shannon. She had a little black and white Havanese dog with pink bows at her ears. Early on we watched as she asked a homeless man to hold the dog’s leash while she went inside to get some food. I felt the old homeless man was intimidated, standing among all those part time musicians that apparently were not hurting financially. He didn’t let that stop him from being there, enjoying the music. He was quiet a sight, standing there with the expensive-looking little dog, softly talking to it. When Shannon came back, she gave him something to eat and a cup of coffee. That was a kind gesture letting him earn his dinner. As we talked to Shannon she told us her friend was the fiddle player. She was the type that never met a stranger.

Last night Shannon’s fiddle playing friend, Clint Brooks, was there performing with the band OUT OF THE BLUE. There were two blue grass bands that alternated every 30 minutes. The other band THE GOOD TIMERS seemed to specialize in gospel music and did it well. During the second set, Shannon came in and sat by us. She explained her GPS system was playing tricks on her making her arrival late. I thought to myself that is why we were there one hour before it started, to allow for our tricky GPS, wrecks, or anything else. Retired folk can do that and of course, we are compulsively early.

We enjoyed the bluegrass music by OUT OF THE BLUE since that is what we came to hear the most. Several years ago we saw them at the Acworth Opry, but the fiddler was different then as the players change over the years. Last night Clint Brooks was playing the fiddle and sang a couple of solos. His voice was excellent as he orchestrated the instrumental solos during his vocals.

Anna was on my left with Shannon on my right. After a while I sensed movement, and saw Shannon working with her ipad looking at maps. I found out later she was planning a trip to Ohio, routing thru Asheville to visit a friend that has cancer. She is not one to sit idle.

It was a pleasant evening.

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