Sunday, October 23, 2011


This is ripped off the pages of MAD #17. It is a lampoon of beer company well known in the New York area annual beauty contest. I think the name of the beer company is similar to POTGOLD. For this story editor Harvey Kurtzman chose Basil Wolverton to illustrate it. Basil was not a regular contributing artist but an infrequent contributor. To MAD fans he is noted for the hideous humans he was able to draw and bring to life. But, back in his day he had several comics going: POWER HOUSE PEPPER, who was kind of a street-smart superhero - sort of; a science-fiction on-going story of a charactor sort of like BUCK ROGERS. I think he also illustrated for THE LIGHTHOUSE - yes, he was a Jehovah Witness too.

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Blogger scratch said...

He did some religious illustrations for a pamplet about the end of the world as fortold in the book of Revelation.
He was an interesting guy.

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