Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marietta Square Opry

NOTE - Please click on the bottom right of the video to make it as big as your screen. The video was taken at night, so it has to fill the screen to see the people.

We went to the Bluegrass jam sessions last night that they have at the Australian Bakery every Tuesday night on the Square. We went two years ago and enjoyed it.

As you watch this, some of the music stops sudden and gets into another tune. That is because of the wild-ass cameraman/film editor. He just tried covering to much in a few minutes. But I think he still deserves a big raise.

We have seen one of the ladies perform at the Acworth Opry and remember she was good. I may have her mixed up with somebody that looks similar to her but I asked her if she was related to Johnny Cash and she said, “No, but my sister dated Buck Owens.”

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