Thursday, May 13, 2010

Universal Communication

The other day we had our ceiling painted. The contractor was Latino and so was his two helpers.

I think the two helpers were sub-contractors themselves. They each had their own professional truck. Businesses today are complex intertwined pyramid of sub-contractors - that way nobody has to pay out any employees benefits.

While they painted in the biggest area of the house I was in the room next door on the computer.

They talked their language as they worked. All three of them got along great. One would make a wise-crack and the other two would laugh. And, just by understanding fragments of words here and there I think they were talking about their kids, soccer, girlfriends, wives, and parents.

In the middle of their jabbering one of them let out a loud fart. It was such a sudden blast I can only think the person who did it had to hice his leg up and let it rip.

There was a second or two of silence afterward and then suddenly in Spanish I heard all kinds of Spanish words, exclamation points, and a question mark.

And the probable farter said, "Hotdogs!"

One, I think, said the word for hotdogs in Spanish, with a question mark behind it.

The probable farter said, "Si!"

And they all laughed.

It was no secret I was in the next room. I was stirring around and making noises.

I think he said "hotdogs" in English for my benefit so I would understand.

I wanted to stick my head out the door and ask, "With chili?"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or, like Larry Bradford used to say, "Who fard that shot?". I farted.

5:52 AM  

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