Friday, May 14, 2010

Grapevine Vs Email Communication Methods

My friend Johnny that I grew up with is retired and lives in Florida.

We email each other occasionally if we have some news to share. Usually one of us will send the other one a bit of news about a mutual friend or acquaintance. Then there will be a flurry of emails between us that will last a couple of days. But just like dogs that suddenly lie down and take a nap, we suddenly quit until the next session.

We just wrapped up an email two session last Friday or Saturday.

My friend Herman and I worked together at the Postal Service. Herman and I are both retirees. Herman does not email. When we have news about somebody we both know we will call the other one.

Herman called me Thursday and he said he was at his wife’s grandmother’s 92nd birthday party and talked to his wife’s uncle Ed.

Ed lives in south Georgia. Ed also grew up with Johnny and I. Ed and Johnny are on each other’s cell phone family plans. They talk to each other daily free. Ed told Herman to tell me that Johnny and Johnny’s brother Michael were both to have heart operations Tuesday, which was two days ago, and for Herman to call and tell me… which he did Thursday. He tried several times but could not catch me at home.

I thought that was strange that Johnny hadn’t mentioned the cardio operation to me in our emails just a few days before the event.

I shot off an email to Johnny asking him about it and also about his brother. He immediately responded saying yes, they both had “caths”, which he admitted was strange, for brothers to have that done at the same time. And he wanted to know how I was feeling my cardio stents.

I think we each fired off several shots of email then Johnny closed the discussion by saying “NAP TIME!”

Isn’t that like a hound?

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