Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goldstein's Alley _ Latest Acquisition

This is the alley between the Theater in the Square and Dupre’s Antique Mall. It is a nice little alley with park benches, ivy, lights, and a little garbage can.

I’m sure the little garbage can is there for intermission when people emerge outside.

I found the alley to be peaceful and sedate when there are no people around.

This picture that I took last winter came to mind the other day when we read in the Marietta Daily Journal that the Goldstein family is buying Dupre’s.

Harry Dupre said that that the current antique venders probably will not see a change.

Dupre’s has been handed down in the Dupre family for generations. In the old days I think it catered to mostly the county farmers, then they got into the grocery business, furniture and appliance business, and now the antique booth-renting business,.

The Goldstein family already owns the building the Theater In the Square is in. The theater is in the old Anderson Building, so I guess they own that too.

They also own The Strand Theater building on the exact opposite of the Square and other buildings and parking lots in town.

The Marietta Daily Journal said the Goldstein family members (collectively) are the largest property owners of downtown Marietta.

Welcome to Goldsteinville!

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Blogger Sushiboofay said...

Too funny! I have the exact same picture on my photo blog, but it was taken in winter when things weren't so green!

8:06 AM  

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