Friday, May 07, 2010

Good Will Ambassadors: Mariachi Band

Wednesday night we thought about having Mexican food as we just about every Cinco de Mayo day. Some times we do and sometimes we are overwhelmed at the waiting line and move on.

This time we went to Tequeria Pure in Woodstock. Their logo is the old PURE service station sign. Two can ride that logo.
As far as I can tell there is not much Mexican about Tequeria Pure except the tequila, names of items on their menu, and the bus-person.

We pulled into the parking area, which is just across the tracks on Main Street in Woodstock. The parking lot was crowded with cars. It took some doing to find a parking place, and even then, we had to cheat a little.

People were all over, inside, outside, and even on top at Tequeria Pure. We walked into the first little room and people waiting to be called were sitting and standing around. I thought we would probably put our name on the list and then after a while get tired of waiting and leave.

The hostess said, “For a party of two?”
Yes, a party of two.
she picked up two menus and said, “Follow me.”

Now, how did we pull that off? I didn’t slip her a twenty or anything like that. And I’m sure it was not the way I smiled at her.

When we were walking up I heard what might be loud music in a distant place but didn’t think about it…I was too busy trying to estimate our waiting time. When we followed the hostess into the main dining room the music was blasting loud.

There was a Mexican Mariachi Band blasting away. They were probably six or more of them. They all wore black velvet looking clothes with shiny buttons or sequels all over the seams. Also matching black Mexican floppy sombreros. Some had brass horns and some had guitars.

They were loud, high energized and good. They were playing and singing Goldie oldies.

I looked around the room and everybody, all north of the border looking, seemed to be appreciating and keeping up with the timing of the music.

I also noticed every waitress I could see had on low-cut blouses and probably push-up bras.

We both ordered pulled pork burritos, which of course, was served with rice. The burritos were pretty good.

Back to the musicians: I noticed they stayed in a loose group. At times one might stray from the group and serenade sweet nothings into a female’s ear. They would play in one part of the room and after a few songs move down a few tables. I think they did that for tip availability. After the well runs dry in one section it is time to move on.

Eventually they were surrounding our table and the table next to us strumming and honking away. Even we broke down and gave them a tip, which I hope they realize what a complement that is, a couple as frugal as us giving them a fin.
After they played us, or played their instruments around us they went up a stairs near to where we were sitting. The stairs went up to the roof. There were a lot of people up there also.

I thought it would be a nice special effect if they all played and sung as they climbed the stairs. From the bottom where we were sitting the music should get fainter and fainter and up top the music should grow louder and louder and they emerged from the top of the stairs. Well, evidently, they didn’t of that.

So, we near the bottom of the stairs and those at the top of the stairs just heard “clunk clunk” of about twelve feet.

I think a lot of people there enjoyed the positive vibes the were giving out with their music. They were goodwill ambassadors looking for tips.

Next door, in the old Woodstock Depot is the Right Wing Tavern. True! That is the name of the joint. Although up to this point I have not seen the clientele from the Right Wing Tavern I imagined them to be rough and ready to give the Mexican Mariachi Band members a hard time.

We finished our meal, settled our bill and left. Standing outside the door of the Right Wing Tavern were two feeble old men listening to the Mariachi Band music and looked to be enjoying it.

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