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My Tyson Genealogy - Part 23

This is a relative small section of my Tyson Genealogy Report. The ones listed are all descended from my ancestor Eugene Hargraves Tyson, but in order give my ancestor Robert C. Tyson the attention I want to give him, I stopped just of him and will start the next Tyson session with him leading the way. It is just a matter of presentation or style.

150. WILLIAM THEODORE8 TYSON (EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)52 was born 30 Mar 1819 in , Clarke, Ga, and died 08 Apr 1898 in Fashion, Murray Co, Ga53. He married ELIZABETH LEONARD 1845 in Murray, , Ga. She was born 1824 in , Lumpkin, Ga, and died 1893 in , Murray, Ga.

Burial: Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga
Military service: CSA, 1st Ga Infantry, Co.F, as Sgt

Burial: Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga

i. MELVIN WILLIAM9 TYSON, b. 1846, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1846, Fashion, Murray, Ga.
275. ii. WILLIAM ROSS TYSON, b. 1847, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1917.
276. iii. JOSEPHINE PARTNESS TYSON, b. 1854, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1918.
iv. JESSIE OLIN TYSON, b. 1851, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1876; m. ANNIE; b. Aft. 1851; d. Unknown.

Lived: Only about 25 years.

v. THOMAS FLETCHER TYSON, b. 1852, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1934; m. HATTIE WESTON; b. Abt. 1851; d. Unknown.

They lived the Old Federal Highway, Red's Crossing, and some mineral springs. - MURRAY COUNTY HERITAGE, pp 245.

vi. WARREN EUGENE TYSON, b. 1854, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1933; m. (1) HATTIE WESTON; b. Abt. 1854; d. Unknown; m. (2) MATTIE KEITH, 20 Jan 1881, , Murray Co, Ga54; b. Aft. 1854; d. Unknown.

Same Hattie that married brother Thomas?

vii. NANCY ELVIRA TYSON, b. 1860; d. 1928; m. DOCTOR W. BOND; b. Abt. 1855; d. Unknown.
277. viii. REV JOHN FORREST TYSON, b. 1863, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 1936, Fort Worth, Terrant, Tx.
ix. IVA LEE TYSON, b. 1867, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. Unknown; m. A SOUTER; b. Abt. 1865; d. Unknown.
x. WEBSTER GLENN TYSON, b. 1870, Fashion, Murray, Ga; d. 02 Jun 1930, Stephens, , Ar; m. JULIE BALLIER; b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.

Bowie Texas
Feb 13th 1902
Mr. J O Tyson
Anniston Ala
Dear Cousin Jack.
You perhaps have forgotten me. But I remember you though we were very Small when I Saw you. If I am not mistaken your Fathers family lived in Dalton Ga once while we lived in murray Co I remember stoping a Uncle John,s once or twice I am the youngest child of W T Tyson. Father and mother have been dead 9 years
Page 2
I came to Tex 9 years ago I hve one Brother in Tx Rev J. F. Tyson at Throckmorton Tex. And Brother W E at Olustie O T Fletcher lives in Ala. Some where I don't know his address I wish you would write me his address If you know it. Well Cousin Jack. I Just received a letter from uncle Tom and Cousin Maroin they sent me a copy of your letter I am glad you are working on this Estate I am also working on it We had a meeting at my house on the first of this month
Page 3
And they appointed me manager for the Immediate relation in Tex. I have some very important Facts bearing on this case I have lerned of one Sam Tyson in Williamsen Co Tex that was acquainted with Uncle John J Tyson before he went to Australia he claimes that John J told him that he was going to Australia Says he knew where he left here and that he herd from him after he got to Australia, I have written to of our uncles and aunts (living) am expecting their answers daily
Page 4
According to all information I have received there was two of theas with million heirs in Astralia one James and one John Tyson the USC wrote us that the James Tyson Estate called for one Delitha Winston Tyson Said If we were related to her we had a part in this Estate of course you know she was our grand aunt. So you see we have a part in that estate now this John Tyson Estate is ours beyound any doubt but it semes we are getting after it mighty slow. The Ft worth Mail Telegramme (announced) (his parenthesis
Page 5
A few days ago that Senator Culberton Telegraphed them that he had made Satisfactory arraingments in regards the Tyson Estte there is a Tyson in Ft worth that seems to be trying to get the Estate all to him sefl. Thos U- is his name. He is a big windg I have tried to see him but failed. We must push this through or we loose. So please Suggest some plan of action. How about Hoke Smith have you evr heard from him any wey Aunt Winston wrote me that Hoke Smith was Inquiring for one Delitha Winston Tyson I cant find out what Smith is doing he seems to be working on or for the estate. I am going to Ft worth in a few days and start an Investigation of this business. Marvin(?)paper creased sent me a Cliping from a Philadelpha Paper stating that his Estate was unclaimed Said the adminestrator in Australia had advertised evrywhere and had failed to find the Heirs Said they were supposed to be in The US. Well Jack be shurre to give my love to uncle and Aunt if they still live and to all the family tell me of your fammily
Page 7
Are you married how many children have you. How many Brothers & Sisters hve you I will give you Some addresses Aunt Winston D Parkes is 706 Walnut St Vicksberg Miss Aunt C F Clifford 1265. E 47th St Los angles Cala. Of corse you know where the Balance of the uncles and aunts live now Cousin Jack please let me hear from you at once and Suggest some plan of action as it is high time we were doing Something your
Loving Cousin
W G Tyson
Bowie Tex



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