Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anonymous Mr. Jim Wittier-Than-I-Am

This is true.

I saw a clip of a video of a long line of people before a table of a man sitting and signing either books or CDs.

A man with a high nasal voice standing before the man signing the merchandise said, "Write 'To Jim' on it and I'll pretend I know you."

I cracked up.

That is funny. An unknown man telling a famous person to write his name and he will pretend he knows him. That is deep. His voice tone meant a lot too.

I only got a glimpse of the witty guy, but I bet he comes out with a wise-cracks and bits of wisdom all the time. I think I can easily become invisible, so I will snap my fingers to be invisible and follow Jim around and write down on a notepad Jim's constant verbalization.

I'll be RICH!!!



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