Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here is an Educational Lesson For You

The basic rule is that the elite get their cut first then secondly, we commons get to divide what is left over.

This was in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution yesterday, May 24, 2010:

“At least four local superintendents earn more than the vice president of the United States and one earns nearly as much as the president.

As school districts face unprecedented budget cuts and collective layoffs of more than 1,500 teachers, superintendent compensation remains hefty, even with recent decreases.”

I wonder how many front-line teachers these school systems had to lay off to pay these top level salaries. To pay the supers more than they are worth I roughly estimate between two and three teachers per school district had to lose their jobs. Maybe something like 2.5. And that doesn’t sound like many, but multiply that by the 4 school districts and you have 10. And, ten less teachers in the Metro Atlanta System will be something like 300 more students getting absorbed in already crowded classrooms, which of course mean less individual attention, which will result in less quality education.

However, as much as the superintendents are paid, I doubt if their loyalty and dedication was bought; that is always available to the highest bidder. Strange, they all plead for their teachers to have loyalty and dedication in their profession. But I guess money speaks louder. It has been proven more than once if another school district, even in another state, offers them more money they are out of there as quick as they can pack.

But, that doesn’t matter, I bet each superintendent is polished and can speak very eloquently at things like the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club luncheons. That means a lot.

That is our lesson for today kiddies.

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