Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Me - A Local Businessman

I think I have a business idea to rake in plenty of cash.

As you probably know all TVs are supposed to be able to received digitized transmissions by a certain day in February 2009.

I researched it this and found out if you have cable with a standard type of TV no action is required. The cable company will do it from their end.

And you probably also know that in this day and time large companies prefer to have independent contractors work for them than people. You don’t have to deal with benefits, social security, and all that. This is my opportunity to take my rightful place in the pecking order of contractors.

Closer to the DTV date people will start to panic – not knowing “no action required”. This will be when I make my move.

I will advertise on posters hung on telephones. “For digitizing your TV by Feb 2009 call this number” and if I have room remind them of the ruling and the date in February.

Then they will call me and I will tell them I can make some adjustments and when I leave they will be able to receive the digital broadcasts as of February when it goes into effect.

I will get me a fancy tool belt that can hold an assortment of screwdrivers, crimpers, a flashlight, and pliers and of course a clipboard. I will come to their house, get in back of the TV and shine the flash light and hum a lot. Then, suddenly I will stop humming and let out a moaning sound, like this TV will be extra trouble.

Then finally I will step out from the back of the TV and tell them it is ready. And explain I had to do some things extra, but tell them I stand by my price, even though I had not counted on the wrong thing blocking my way, but I made adjustments and will work just fine – so, just pay me what I originally quoted – I am not the kind to up the price after I arrived…. After all, I am a man of integrity. And say, “Cash please.”

I might even join the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce and go to their breakfast meetings and rub elbows with other local business men and listen to clever and wise Republicans speakers.

Now, I am wondering what will be a fair price. $25 per TV? $100? After all, I don’t want to get rich, just make an honest living.



Blogger Si's blog said...

One of the rare ones who is not ready to rip me off! Come on up to Virginia's Eastern Shore, we need you.

Loved L'il Abner. Thanks for bringing him back to my memories.

5:34 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Still, you better keep your money out of my sight. Based on what I have observed about human nature, it may be that the only reason I am honest is that I haven't found my "true calling" yet.

6:09 AM  

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