Monday, March 03, 2008

Ed Tyson (1888 – 1967)

This is my grandmother’s brother Robert Edward “Ed” Tyson. As you can see by his uniform he was in WWI. He was in the 838 MTR TRANS CO.

He married late, at age 46, in 1935, to Lula Belle Kuykendall. They had two sons.

Ed and his brother Will were very successful farmers and big land owners in south Cherokee County, Georgia, but also very frugal. One son tells of complaining to his father about the cold wind whistling through the cracks of the old house they lived in. Ed replied, “Be thankful for what you have son.” – he could have paid cash for a big warm house.

Uncle Ed lived 78 years.

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Anonymous Johnny said...

My Daddy would take me to Uncle Ed's and go squirel hunting. I remember the old shack they lived in. I think it had 3 rooms and he heated it with a franklin stove. As long as there was a fire it was tosty warm. I don't recall him ever moving out of that house. When we were hunting,Donald would walk throug the woods with us and show us where the old gold mines were. Those old gold mines, I guess, are under the Tyson Estate Subdivision. Uncle Ed always had a good story to tell.

5:31 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I forgot to mention it, but I think that old house is the same house he and his siblings were born in, which includes our grandmother Minnie.

I found something one time while researching that our ancestor Eugene H. Tyson has a gold lottery lot on Kellogg Creek.. which up until then, I thought of Kellogg Creek up at Allatoona, near Victoria Landing, but after studying a topographical map, I found that Kellogg Creek also ran down, almost to Hwy 92, which would be their property.
We used to go up to their house and practice shooting a pistol - where at? In their front yard of course, not many people around.
Have you heard why that was all that Tyson property belonged to Will and Ed? Blood is thicker than water, but as thick as whiskey and instant cash.

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Johnny said...

After my Dad retired he went to see Uncle Will to see if he would sell him his mother share of the Estate. As far as I know Will and Ed split the property. All the sisters were not included. Uncle Will told dad it was not for sale. Dad told him that blood was thicker than water, and walked away. I think I remember him telling Dad that Donald and Billy were going to get it all.At least it stayed in the family. My mother's Great Grandfather (the Frasures in Fannin County)owned all the land from Suches to Rock Creek.I remember my Great Aunt Sue Turner telling me that the Deep Hole recreation area on the Chestee River was their back yard.The U.S. Government took all the land and made it part of the Chatahoochee National Forest with no compensation to any family member. My Great Grandfather John Frasure moved to Cobb County and purchased I think 80 acres accross the road on Burnt Hickory from the Kirk's. The U.S. Government condemed his property and paid him $.50 an acre. It is now part of the Kennesaw Mountain Nation Battlefield Park.

8:06 AM  

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