Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Come Back and Stay Awhile - You hear?

I am still watching many hits come in to look the “Joe is dead” thing I named something. About a 100 or more people come a day to the “Joe is Dead” article. They look a brief second and see there is nothing to it, and exit.

Their visits up my visit number which some people want, but lower my percentage of returning visitors and the percentage of people spending a little time with my blog – which are the two percentage group which I am normally proud of… but not at the moment.

Up until the Joe is dead thing about 45% of the people were spending over 5 minutes on my blog; and about 40% were return visitors – both are numbers that I felt good with.

Not with all the Joe-Is-Dead visitors the total is much higher but it caused the two quality visitors’ percentage to drop.

I think I have two choices: (1) To wait it out, surely whatever they read to magnetized them to this blog will become outdated or run its course or (2) delete the Joe is dead thing. It is not that great of an post anyway – then when they search for Joe Is Dead on google they won’t find it here.

Because it is my blog, I am the only one that can look at the numbers– so, it is for my ego only.

Inflating one’s ego is a lot of work.



Blogger Jean said...

Hmmm, Eddie, I think I'm learning something here. I have a number of photos that my DIL took in Las Vegas and New Orleans that I thought I'd never be able to use on my blog. Maybe I can.

5:32 AM  
Blogger ET said...

By the way, I read that the mother and daughter have been banned from Disney World for life.
Yep, if you were in New orleans during Madi Gras and you saw women earning their beads, I'm quiet sure you have some good material.

5:59 AM  

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