Friday, March 14, 2008

County Extension Building

This building was on the corner of Waddell and Lawrence Streets, about where one of the vast buildings of the Cobb Complex is now. It was behind the Sheriff's office and within a stone's throw the granite city jail. The building had character. Now, what it is its place? I don't know, all those county buildings look alike now.

I think the personnel in the building provided rural services and advice. It you had a large farm you would know the people in this building well - also, they could advise you on what kind of material to buy for what, take a soil sample and advise what would grow, cooking tips, etc... it was like having a team of Martha Stewarts.

One of our boys in our scout troop, Jimmy Pat Presley, thrived on vandalism. He made it a routine going through the offices that were unlocked and do mischievous things to them.

In the basement of this building is where we attended Boy Scout meetings, Troop 132, Saint Joseph's Church, for a while, until they told our scout master to find someplace else. That happened a lot.

Jimmy Pat died a few years ago. He bent over to pickup his dog and instantly died.

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