Saturday, March 29, 2008

Johnny and Good Roadside BBQ

Yesterday while gallivanting we stopped by a roadside BBQ trailer to get lunch to carry home.

Johnny is black man that is probably in his 50s or 60s. He is a big hearty looking guy. On the window of his ordering counter is a laminated review newspaper article. He operates out of a white trailer that has a big sign on top that says BBQ. His trailer is on a state highway, near a lot of industrial supply companies and strip shopping centers.

Outside his trailer he has a trailer-wagon that is big home made smoker made of black iron. While waiting yesterday I looked closer at the smoker. It has metals bars of some type – sort of a homemade-custom made grill. One side was damaged and is bent. I guess the trick is to keep the meat from that side – it may slide into the hickory logs roasting – putting out a delicious aroma for all the people riding by to get a whiff of.

We have tried his BBQ sandwiches Ribs, fries, Brunswick Stew, cole slaw and Brunswick stew, and macaroni & cheese. It is all to die for – or at least put up a good struggle – well, maybe just a heated argument. That is all but the macaroni & cheese – you can have my share.

I think he is a very good cooker of pork – I am not too sure about his administrative abilities.

Each time I have ordered and he assemblies my order I hear banging and bumping in that trailer – like he is clumsy, otherwise, he works magic.

It seems each time the price he comes up with is flexible and not the same as the last time. I noticed that. I think he does some price adjusting with his sides. Whatever side he has cooked too much of is what I think he says comes with the meal for that day. Yesterday it was barbecue beans.

One we ordered a “flat” or ribs, whatever a flat is that came with two sides for $25. We ate on it for days.

Although his food looks and smells delicious – I hope you like it, it stays with you for over a day… each time I eat his food – I have a slight indigestion smoked bbq flavor in my mouth for a while.

I think Johnny might give the customer the once-over before he tells him what side comes with it today for what price.

I also noticed when I order Johnny talks white to me. It is straight order of business, no slang, no knee slapping, no carry on.

Before I have been standing there when blacks have ordered and he talks black lingo with them – one black dude in a trimmed suit one time who seemed very proper and businesslike – when ordering he and Johnny because hooting and slang slinging brothers.

Yesterday, after he waited on me and was banging around in his trailer a man drove up and parked in the handicapped place – by the way, the trailer is parked in the front parking lot of a supply company. It was ok for the man to park in the handicapped place, because he had a handicapped license plate.

When he got out, he sure didn’t look handicapped. He looked like a little chubby Irishman.

He asked Johnny what kind of pork was his sandwiches, sliced or pulled. Johnny said “pulled”.

The little guy said that is what he wanted to know and turned around to leave. Johnny sounded very Irishman when he asked the guy what was wrong with pulled barbecue pork.

“Nothing I reckon, I just want to see what I am eating.”

As I walked away with my sack of food I could hear them fussing – not the words but the heat in the words. Finally, the little man got the last word. Loudly he said, “That is right! Each person to his own!”. As he walked to his van.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:43 AM  
Blogger El Postino said...

Eddie, old buddy...the bbq sounds really good! Wish I was there to try it. Does he have toothpicks? I always get slivers of pulled pork stuck between my teeth.

I think you mean the newspaper review was laminated, not lamented. A lament is an expression of grief or sorrow.

Thanks for yet another great blog entry!

8:15 AM  
Blogger ET said...

El Postino,
Opps! There I go again! I'll change it - then no one will no the difference, unless they read the comments.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Si's blog said...

These places always seem to have the best tasting food. Out in Texas all of the barbeque was beef. And it was delicious, too. But they all seem to have something that gives you a little abdominal uneasiness. It is better if you don't know. That is what makes them taste better.

6:28 PM  
Blogger ET said...

The secret is in the sauce!

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:58 PM  

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