Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday Before Christmas - all creatures stirring

I had an appointment with my cardiologist the first thing in the morning. My appointment was a eight. The nurse was breaking in a new nurse or maybe a student nurse. They took all my vitals, left, and the doctor entered. He told me all my blood numbers from the blood lab work the week before looked great. He was all smiles. Then, back home.

Again we spent the day Christmas Shopping.

At one point in time we found ourselves in south Cobb County near a Bavarian meat market. This market is very well known for its quality and people from miles away go to this butcher shop and, well shop for their meats.

Over several years since we discovered it we have been three or four times. Today, since we were in the area, we decided to drop by to get a few meat selections.

The line was very long. It wrapped around the inside of the main room, the wrapped line of people made the shape of a big Q.

The lady in front of us was a talker. She talked and she talked. She talked about her favorite subject: Herself.

In minutes we knew she was a perfectionist, people would kill for her salad with smoke salmon and a salad dressing with a cream cheese base – and people always went back for seconds, which put the other people who brought cover dishes to whatever kind of get togethers to shame.

She was also a world traveler. She told us she traveled all over Ireland – all over it – and would do it again, if she wanted to blow $10,000.

She spoke Dutch with the German guy in the line behind us. She bragged about this and bragged about that. Her husband years ago was just about all the intelligence the military needed someplace near the Berlin Wall… he was carrying on missions even his boss did not have the security clearance to be briefed. Boy, am I glad he was on our side, with such a smart adventurous wife.

She did not shut up. She went on and on.

The line was so long and moving so slow we thought about leaving and maybe come back the next day and she told us we would not see her in that place tomorrow. The line would be horrendous. Later we said, we should have said, “Well Darn! If you aren’t coming tomorrow, then there is no reason for us to come!”

She told us of all the meats she knows how to expertly prepare. That woman is a genius on every thing!

She had a 37 year old son. I told Anna her son was not a doctor or a judge. How did I know? Because she didn’t say he is a doctor or a judge. If he was either, we would have been told that before we knew that she will not order the center cut of pork chops because the center is always the hardest most concentrated meat. Blab blab blab blab blab.

We told her several things we thought might perk her interest or amuse her and she kept on talking about herself as if we haven’t said a word.

She spoke in a manner that we were clinging to all her wise ways, and if were smart we would be writing it all down as she spoke.

She needs a blog and name it, ME.
that way she will get all that insane need to run her mouth constantly. Take it from me, I know.

Another point in time yesterday we found ourselves in Atlanta, near a mosque on 14th Street near the Georgia Tech Campus. About a block or two down the street is a hole in the wall joint called named Bobby and June’s Restaurant. There is a sign up saying their hours is from 7am to 3pm. Another time we pulled in the parking lot at 3:30 and said we would like to eat there sometime. This day it was 2:50. We had ten minutes to get inside.

The old man at the door said he was just about to flip the sign from the “open” side to the “closed” side. We were the last customers.

I ordered barbecue which was delicious and spicy. Anna ordered fried chicken which was also delicious, which she said tastes just like Lester Maddox’s Pickrick Restaurant years ago. The small restaurant staff politely waited and watched as we finished up so they could leave. They were very patient.

The walls were very interesting. They had a little of every thing on the walls. On one wall of pictures of pictures of politicians who has eaten there…. One walls were full of giant size coloring books that they were selling for charity, and here and there were strange pictures and things with no sense of wall grouping or anything. Like a horse collar with a mirror built in the center might be next to a picture of a Roy Rogers or some other cowboy hero.

Crowds of people were everywhere – everyplace we drove was a traffic jam and lines and lines of people. I always get irritable when so many people are around me – yesterday was no exception. And going hours without a caffeine fix didn't helped.


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Blogger MichaelBains said...

Hey Humbug! At least you got to meet the Most Interesting Person in the World! LOL!

Seriously though, glad to hear your blood is GOOD! There's nothin' like Bad Blood to wreck the holidays, eh.

A Very Happy Season to you and Anna, Ed. Hope "Santa" treats you both very well.


4:46 AM  
Blogger ET said...

You too! Remember, regardless of your religious beliefs, it is time of good cheer!

5:13 AM  
Anonymous reuben said...

See....When you want to be invisible, you're not. It sometimes works both ways.

5:58 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Right. It would have been handy to be invisible then - and also to get to the head of the line.

6:08 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

Weren't you the least little bit entertained by the know-it-all? LOL

12:58 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Yes I was. Anna and I were trying to catch each other's eye.

One time when the lady went to the counter to check on one thing, before it was her time, Anna turned to the German behind us and said, "Doesn't she ever shut up?"
He sort of smiled and rolled his eyes.

1:08 PM  

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