Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hill, Hill, & Hill

You know that commercial on TV where someone, a real person, so they say, tell about their wonderful experience with GIECO Insurance and as they tell it, sentence by sentence a professional actor or entertainer will translate it into a more dramatic prose?

Remember? One time Little Richard was the translator and another time “Little Me” from the Austin Powers’ movies was. This past week I noticed The Pips were the professional performers/translators.

The Pips are three Atlanta men who harmonized to back up Gladys Knight at one time. I think I read on a Gladys Knight and The Pips album that Gladys was a cousin to one of The Pips and at a birthday party they started singing and as they say, “The rest is history.”

Each time I think of The Pips I think of one of the trio whose last name is Hill. I don’t remember his first name.

The Hill Pip was married to a lady I worked with at the Atlanta Post Office. Lets call her C. Hill. Then she was a night secretary to the head man at night. I delivered her reports and we got along great – we did a lot of kidding.

She divorced The Pitt Hill but kept her married name. In time she married a supervisor named G. Hill. She didn’t even have to change her last name. I used to kid her about that was the only reason she married G. so she wouldn’t have to change her stationary.

And we called her new husband G. Hill Hill.

I transferred to Marietta and something like two and a half decades later I returned to Atlanta to a retirement seminar given by the Postal Service Human Resources Department. The head of the department got up to speak to tell everybody what the seminar would cover. The speaker was C. Hill Hill.

We had an old fashion hug-reunion, but then it was right back to business – she had her image to maintain.

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Blogger El Postino said...

There's a joke we tell in Utah. The perfect presidential candidate would be a woman, black and Mormon. Gladys Knight!

Yep, Gladys joined the Mormon church some years ago. In the Mormon ward she attends in Las Vegas and leads the choir, her Mormon bishop says, "We're the only ward in the church with 'Midnight Train to Georgia' in the hymn book.

1:14 PM  
Blogger ET said...

el, heil,

I didn't know Gladys is a Mormon. Hey! I had pancakes and fried chicken at her restaurant on Peachtree Street in Atlanta one time.

4:48 PM  

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