Friday, December 07, 2007

The Stove Top Installer Man

The man installed our stove top yesterday. He is probably in his 50s, but he had a very youthful outlook. I am not talking about his opinions, I am talking about his enthusiasm and positivism. He was one happy person!

After petting Willow to gain her trust he told me had to put his Great Dane, 16 years, down – he had a series of illnesses, hip displacer too. His old buddy had to go, rather than suffer. He also told me of his mother’s Daschaun and how she was working on the dog a coat with buttons. He said he thought it would be good to make the coat look like a bun with relish, catsup, and mustard on top.

I said I want a Willow to have a dark Navy blue or black tee-shirt with big yellow letters on the back that say “Security”. He laughed, he thought that was good too – but went back and hinted that a jacket looking like a dressed hotdog would be funner.

“A wiener dog – get it?” He asked. I told him I did . I just don’t normally burst into giggles like he did when I told of the Security Tee-shirt idea.

He also showed me a picture of an old WWI ambulance vehicle with a certain body boxed body style and asked me did I know where he could find a box like that. No. He said he is working on a model of such an ambulance now… he said he is trying to duplicate it exactly. He found some spoked lawnmower wheels that look very similar to the wheels in the photograph. So! It is going to be a big model! He went on to say it is to go with his model WWI bi-plane he just completed.

Everybody needs some kind of pursuit or interest. Good for him.

This is the exact ambulance he is trying to duplicate I found on Google:

Someplace in our conversation I picked up he used to work for Atlanta Gas Light Company and lost his job when the State of Georgia opened up the natural gas business for competing providers. I asked where did he work and he said here in Cobb County.

I asked him did he know an old acquaintance of mind in school, Don E. He said Don was his immediate boss. He did Don was retired now.

I told him I thought Don retired long before he retired. Every time I would go in McDonald’s, no mater what weekday Don was there sitting, sipping a cup of coffee talking to someone.

He laughed and “That was Don!” He ran his operation from a McDonald’s lunch table.

Small world.

As far as I can tell, the stove glass top stove works fine. It looks better because it doesn’t have a crack – yet.

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Blogger Suzanne said...

The wiener dog joke was cute, but the security dog joke is hilarious.

8:39 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I miss Willow like if you would miss your rabbit.
I will pick her up from Sleepy Hollow Kennel tomorrow.

7:23 PM  

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