Monday, December 24, 2007


(Thanx to chris B. for taking the blue out of Willow's eyes)

Willow Here!

The old man and the old woman shared their gifts and went to bed and left me here by the computer… heh heh.

They also made a big deal over what Santa Clause left me for being a good little doggie…. Shee – it

There is a Christmas fable that animals can talk at midnight – the first hour of Christmas. The old man said he remembers seeing a Christmas story about it on “Mama”, which aired in the ‘50s and was about an immigrant Swedish family around 1900 or so. One of the weekly stories was the Christmas fable that animals (in this case, non-humans) could talk at midnight right after Christmas Eve and their teenage son Hans wanted to stay up and see if they could talk.

The old man looked over at me and saw my big sad questioning eyes wanting to know the outcome of the story – could they talk? He said he didn’t remember, he must have fallen asleep before the ending. Shee – it! Old fart!

The Christmas story is true. I can talk, I just choose not to. I rather play with this keyboard.

Speaking of Christmas and Christmas decorations and all, they, like the fools they are, hung peppermint candy canes all over the Christmas tree. And every now and when they are not looking I grab one and then they catch me and lecture me and close the door to the den where the tree with the canes are. Ass-holes!

The photo of me at the bottom, if you click on it you can see all those delicious sweet candy mint canes hanging on the tree – a few less than a day before… yuk yuk! Also, the picture shows my left eye discolored. No need for an eye doctor. It is what people would call “red-eye” in photography – since I don’t have retinas to reflect, it is what us non color-seeing being call “blue-eye”.

The old man always feeds the critters outside on the day before big holidays and his birthday all the stuff critters like such as Indian corn, sun flower seed, peanuts, cracked corn, and suet blocks. I helped him by entertaining him, running around and around him, like I was an attacking Apache. I know his look when he makes a joke. They may not be funny, but he always has that stupid ironic look on his face when he thinks he made a good wise-crack. He said he bet I thought he was putting out bait for the critters for me. What’s so funny about that? – that is what he was doing.

The Hunters (including me) wish you a Merry Christmas!




Blogger kenju said...

Willow, I hope that you and your parents had a wonderful Christmas. What big blue eyes you have!

4:37 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Mrs Kenju,
We did, and I hope you did also.

The blue eyes - All the more to see you with.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

How sweet and cute you are Willow! You should blog over and meet up with Ginger and Daisy. They love new friends! Hope Santa brought you lots of toys :)

8:37 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Thank you, he did leave me plenty of new toys, and I have already ruined two of them... finding the weakest part and ripping open to get the whistle.

3:12 AM  

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