Monday, December 24, 2007

Barbara (1922-1998)

Barbara was born in Massachusetts – Boston, I think. She married Anna’s uncle Paul.

Barbara and Paul did not have children; however, they took over the raising of Barbara’s nephew Neal. And eventually Neal became married and they had a daughter, which Barbara and Paul looked on as their own granddaughter – which in a sense she was.

Barbara and Paul were very social and were active members of the local Elks Club. Paul had been president of the local and Barbara had been president of the women’s auxiliary local sect.

At Anna’s family Christmas get-togethers Barbara always brought oyster dressing that I thought was tasty. I suppose she got it from her New England roots.

They lived on Freyer Drive in Marietta. Freyer Drive has its own distinction. The street had two Marietta mayors live on it. We used to joke that all residences of Freyer Drive, to promote community spirit, were required to put down whatever they were doing and wave as one drives by. More than once people have stopped raking or cutting grass to wave.

She lived three years beyond Paul.

I think the below photo is a good picture of her as a character study. She is the on the left.

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Blogger Jean said...

I never thought I'd get to tell my oyster dressing story. I used to be the designated driver for my friend Frances, who had many sisters. We went to the home of Jessie and Bob for Thanksgivine. Bob, from Pennsylvania, made a little pan of oyster dressing along with the large pan of plain dressing that Jessie made thinking her southern relatives would not care for oyster dressing.

When he realized his mistake and the oyster dressing was rapidly disappearing, he took it outside and put it atop a large fence post so the guests would be forced to eat the regular dressing and he'd have all those tasty leftovers.

The cats discovered his cache of oyster dressing and ate it.

5:12 AM  
Blogger ET said...

There is a lesson to be learned there... well, two lessons.

6:02 AM  

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