Monday, December 31, 2007

I Learn Something New Every Day

While Anna was busily writing ‘Thank You’ notes, and I was close by not so busy, but on stand-by, to look up mailing addresses on the computer for her, I thought of something that I may or may not have said on my blog months or even years ago and started looking for the particular item or subject.

By the time I got half way through I forgot what I was looking for because my mind became fascinated with some comments I never saw. I think they were added months after the target posting appeared. Once the posting is pushed off the front page I forget about it – out of sight, out of mind.

I came upon a National Geographic contributor who wanted to talk to me about possibly including what I had to say in an article he was writing… had several more that, if I had known the comments were there, I would have been eager to respond, but now they are cold.

One blog entry had something like 22 comments… and it seemed they all had to do with drugs – a subject not even mentioned in the post itself – unless I unknowingly included a code word… really. Whatever I might have said, it started a chain reaction…. Hmmm.

Another had an interesting debate between two connoisseurs of the ownership Betty/Brandy’s Famous Hotdogs. I wished I had know, I would have thrown in my 2¢.

Well, at least I learned something today. I learned to keep a constant check on my postings, even if they do go back a long time.

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Blogger Jean said...

Make it easy for yourself. Go to Dashboard, click on Settings, then Comments. Scroll to the bottom and put your email address in the Comment Notification box.

You'll never miss another comment.

6:32 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

Jean's right, Eddie. If she hadn't told you, I was going to.

Sometimes I get comments on posts way back in the old Just Ask Judy blog. That one just keeps ticking along, even though I haven't written anything there in nearly a year. I'd never know about them if I didn't have email notification.

6:35 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Jean & Judy,

Hey thanks! I wasn't aware* you could do that.

*you might not find this hard to believe but I am unaware of more than I am aware of.

6:39 AM  
Blogger ET said...

testing one, testing two, testing three...uh- what's next?

6:58 AM  
Blogger ET said...

It works!

7:50 AM  

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