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Westmoreland Journal continued -

Back on August 16, 2007, I blogged the first 7 pages of the Westmoreland Journal.

Here is another dose.

After transcribing these pages I am about to change my mind on wrote the journal. Now I think it might have been Mr. Westmoreland. Beside the fact some of the names are kin by blood or related to me I enjoy reading the journal, it is like looking at a little community in the olden days.

Along with the transcribed page is a picture of the original page. Click on any of the orginal pages to be able to read them if you want.

Here are pages 8 through 12:

Page 8:

Bonnie and Lois gave an Easter Egg hunt to their S school class Sat April 7. They hid 135 eggs. There were 27 that came. The children had a big time hunting the eggs and then ate the eggs and a basket of tea cakes and popcorn balls.

Ma and I went to Marietta with Mr. Overcash to Marietta April 20, 1917 and Ma staid down to visit Will and others.

Mr. Will Latimer family left Woodstock May 1, 1917. Mrs. Irene, George, and the children left for Tenn. May 2.

Pearlie High (?) came May 1 1917 and staid till the 10th.

Albert Dobbs was shot May 14, 1917.

Big fire in Atlanta May 21, 1917.

Mr. Marion Goover’s son Willie was killed May 22, 1917.

Bonnie went to Roswell June 3rd, and staid a week.

We had a fish fry in our pasture July 4, 1917. (many details of who came and brought what covered dish)

Olen, James, Mr. Gene, and Willard went seining(?) that morn Lucy and her three boys, Clara, Louella, Christine, and the three little York girls came over in the wagon. Slate (?), Lucille, and Margaret came. Bonnie, Lois, and myself went with them down to the spring in our pasture, had all the fish we could eat. We carried fried chicken, potato salad, biscuits, table mustard, custards, and cakes. Carried meal and baked cakes of cornbread, made a kettle of coffee, and had a big time. Ben went there before dinner.

Page 9:

Olen, Clara, James, Louella, Christine, Grate, Lucille, Millard Booth, Bonnie, and Lois went to Roswell July 12th on a fishing trip and came back the 13th. They had a nice time but didn’t catch many fish.

Mary, Robert, Ethel, Mattie Joe, and Cecil came and spent the day July the 22nd . The first time Robert had been here in a year. Margaret came home with Bonnie From S.S.

Arthur and Gwen moved to the Johnston house Aug. 2, 1917.

Mett, Pollie, Minnie, Milear (?), Sam, and Walter came Aug 16, 1917, and left Aug the 22nd.

Miss Clarissa Kendrick came Aug 22 and left the 25th, 1917.

Mr. Bob Carlyle died Aug 24, 1917.

Aunt Mitt Gresham died Sept 8, 1917.

James went to Dublin Sept the 16th to hunt him a home but came back without renting.

Luther Johnston died Sept 20, 1917 and was buried the 23.

Pa sold his home to Arch McCleskey Oct 9, 1917, and moved in with Mr. Hunter (William A.) in Woodstock. Arch sold his home Sept 3 1917 and will move into Pa’s house.

We sold our home to Hanan Goodson Nov 7, 1917.

Page 10:

Mr. Coker and Mr. Wring were crossing the R.R. crossing near Acworth at the Mill Nov 6, 1817, in an auto – the train struck the auto – killing Mr. Coker instantly and Mr. Wring died the next morning on the 7th.

Arthur left Woodstock for Cordele Nov 19, 1917. Gwen and children came down here that eve. James carried his things up to Woodstock that day to send to Cordele. He is gathering the crop (?). Louella and Christine are staying at the Yorks and James stayed there at night.

James and Louella left here Sunday eve, Dec 2, 1917, was going to spend the night in Atlanta with Bertha, Gwen and children left Monday morn the 3rd. James was to meet her at the car barn and they were all to go to Cordele to live another year.

Olin sprained his ankle Nov 17, 1917.

We moved into James’ house Nov 16, 1917. bought his part of his and Olin’s place.

Homer Knight Dec 7 1917 and was buried at Gresham Dec. 8.

Swapped Bill and Grit (?) for state Dec 15, 1917.

Uncle Thurman Durham came Dec 23, 1917. The first time he had been back here in 27 years. He staid till Feb 2, 1918.

Cousin Mark Paden died Dec 27, 1917. He would have been 93 years old first of Jan. 1918.

Mrs. George Roberts (Aunt Joe) died Dec 28, 1917.

Page 11:

May York got shot in the eye by a sparkler Christmas night. They carried her to Atlanta and they took her eye out ???? blood poison set in.

Barlah Chance was carried to Dr. Nolans Son (?) Sunday Dec 30 and operated for appendicitis.

John and Anna Alexander came to Pa’s Jan 1, 1918. Came to see us Sat the 5th and staid Monday. Ben carried them to Kennesaw Mountain the 7th.

Clara Westmoreland broke out with measles Jan 8, 1918 and Olin had them nearly three weeks after she took them. He first had grippe then toothache. Then measles with his tooth abscessed.

Clay Cook and Lita moved over here Feb 18, 1918.

Dr. W.S. Hendrick died Feb 25, 1918.

Bonnie went to Cordele March 11, 1918. and came back 29.

Calvin Chance has pleurisy was taken sick Mach 31, 1918.

Mattie Durham took her bed the 2 or 3 or April. The dr said she would have to stay in bed one month. She has heart trouble.

It snowed nearly all the morning April the 11th. The tape of the houses were one inch in snow. Then there was a big frost April the 12.

Page 12:

Luella came July 13, 1918. James came July 24, they went back August 24, 1918.

Ma was taken sick Aug 1, had the flux, and was real sick. The Dr came to see her twice a day for several days. She got some better, then worse, and died Aug 28 and buried Aug the 30th.

Dasie and Linda started to Texas Sept 23, 1918, came home Oct 13 and brought Matt with them.

Gerdie Stennett died Sept 7, 1918.

Bro Donahoo, Ben, Bennie, and Lois went to Chattanooga Oct 16, and came back 17.

We moved into our new room Nov 30, 1918.

Sam Westmoreland came Dec 30, 1918.

Cousin Bud Fowler died Dec 20, 1918.

Brother E.M. Dyer was walking on the R.R. tracks at the Mill near Woodstock Feb. 19, 1919, when a freight train came up behind him and knocked him off the track. They carried him to Marietta to Dr. Perkinson’s office and did what they could for him but he died in about three hours after he was hurt. His arm was broken all to pieces and his skull broke.

Dr W.H. Perkinson’s little daughter Jane died Feb 17, 1919.

Nell York and Frank Poor married March 1919.

Bob Bentley was killed by a live wire May 14, 1919.

Lillian Goodson’s little girl died the night before.



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