Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kennesaw City Cemetery

Kennesaw made the news ten so years back when they passed an ordinance making owning a gun mandatory. True. Talking about gun control!

Interesting, since that ruling has passed Kennesaw has one of the lowest crime statistics of any town of the same size.

The only family I know of buried in the Kennesaw City Cemetery is my grandmother’s brother’s family Bud Tyson (Thomas G. Tyson).

The cemetery is bordered by a closed school on the east side which I think is now partly used as the city's education administration and on the west side the property of a motel on Cobb Parkway that appears to market those out of town workers - they have weekly rates. They also have guests who like to hang out in the cemetery and socialize and drink their beer - or at least on my two visits to the cemetery seemed that way.

Next to the railroad tracks in downtown Kennesaw is a old building. My father told me it was originally built as a building to hold grain before it was shipped and it was built by Bud Tyson. That same building has been remodeled and for years now has been a Civil War museum housing The General locomotive. The General, you may recall, was stolen by Andrew Raiders during the Civil War and was chased to Ringgold, Georgia – which inspired a couple of movies, one with Buster Keaton and the other one made by Disney and starred Fess Parker. They have other very interesting exhibits there too. I have been there several times.

I did not know Bud existed until I got into genealogy and started asking family members questions about the family. Bud died in 1919 and his wife Etta Hilderbrand Tyson died two years later. Both died too early in their life, leaving two young children.

Their children apparently were raised by the Hilderbrand family and never came around at family functions. I wonder who is putting the flowers down?

Thomas G. Tyson (1882-1919)

Etta Hilderbrand Tyson (1890-1921)

Georgette Tyson (1914-1996)

Thomas G. Tyson, Jr. (1916-1989)

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Blogger Patricia said...

I am the grand-daughter of Thomas Greeenbury Tyson, Jr. He was one of 4 children and the youngest. I have been to this cemetary a year or so ago. His sister Georgette was the only sister that did not marry and that is why she is buried here. His other 2 sisters were married and are buried in different locations. The oldest sister was Lenna Tyson McCormick. She married James McCormick. His second sister was Margaret E. Tyson Bell. Married William E. Bell, I don't know what the E stands for. My mother was his only living child. He and my Grandmother had 2 other children but they died either at birth or a few days later. There is an unmarked grave stone there next to his site and it is where the infants are buried. Henrietta, "Etta" sister and brother raised my grandfather adn his sisters. Robert Nathan and Sara Ella. Niether of them ever married and they took on to raise the children. My mother tells stories of her going to their house as a young child and how kind and loving they were. She remembers the house being near the town center of Kennesaw. I never knew any of my Tyson, except my grandfather, or Hilderbrand family.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Patti, Thank you for your information and for reading my blog Chicken-Fat. Did you get the Tyson and Huey stuff I sent you?

Eddie Hunter

9:28 AM  

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