Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kemp Cemetery

This is a continuation of not letting all the cemetery photos I have taken over the years to go to waste…. This way I can get more mileage of them.

The Kemp family and Anna’s family intermarried. A number of Prances married Kemps. In this little cemetery on Steinhaur Road in north Cobb County Anna has distant cousins with the name Bettis, Carlile, Kem and Prance. Of course the cemetery has many Kemps and it is confusing just which Kemps are related to the Prances and who are not, so for now, I will bury my head in the dirt (and ask).

Catherine Bettis (1917-1923)

Charlie Bettis (1875-1920) and Annie H. (1884-1948).

Lela Pear Bettis (1910-1930)

A.T. Bettis (1838-1881)

Elizabeth Carlile (1856-1939) and husband John Shaw.

Charlie Prance (1861-1922) and his wife Fannie.

Sallie, wife of W.L. Prance.



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