Friday, April 27, 2007

Waterman Street School - again

A friend of mine who went to the same grammar school (Waterman Street School) as I did emailed me these pictures.

The classroom picture I have seen before. The one that I saw before was in a pile of Hunter pictures I was copying, but did not copy it because it did not identify anyone in the picture, but it is one of those “I wish I had” things. The pictures probably has some of my father's siblings in it. But then, I was skimpy with my film. I am glad I had a second chance to get it.

This is in front looking at the new lunchroom. Behind the photographer is a playground with monkey walks, sea-saws, slide etc. For some reason this playground did not interest us. We gravitated to the opposite side where it was nothing but a big field. Go figure.

Then the photographer walked around the building to the back of the lunch room. Out of site, on the right is a colonel style mansion. It is the only survivor. Waterman Street School was bulldozed away for the Salvation Army to build a building and between the school building and the big mansion the Marietta Parkway was cut through. Progress.

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