Thursday, April 05, 2007

History of Cobb County

I just finished reading the book Cobb County, Georgia and the Origins of the Suburban South, A Twentieth-Century History by Thomas Allen Scott.

The book is 798 pages (not counting the index and end-notes) of endless in-depth looks at historical events in Cobb County and the behind the scenes politics and business decisions of how things came to be. To me it was a thrill to read the names of people and places you have know of all your life and learn much more about why than I did before.

On some of the things he brought up he gave you a brief history of some place else, which influenced in one way or the other why what ever happened here.

The author, Tom Scott, is a history professor at Kennesaw College, who surprisingly, is not a native Georgian. He has really brought out the essence of Cobb County and its spirit.

I have mentioned this before and this give some credence to my theory that ones does a better job writing a analytical report on a specific mass of people if they are not born as one of those people he is looking at… to be on the outside looking in, so to speak. However, Dr. Scott and his wife Kathy are now part of the innards themselves, as very active members of the Cobb Landmarks Society, which is a organization to preserve old landmarks and preserve old neighborhoods and other things that are being bulldozed away. There would have been much more bulldozing if it wasn’t for them

I really enjoyed the book.

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Blogger elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Hmmm...I need to pick this one up. I'll try to find it when I get back to town...I'm in Gulfshores for a little sun.

Thanks for visiting my Juliette Gordon Low story. She was an interesting person.

I enjoyed your Navy tale a few posts back and your pictures. My husband was on the USS Yarnell from 80 to 83. Your pics of yourself and your friend reminded me of several we have around our house.

9:00 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I think, having lived here, you will really enjoy it, and being part of the lawyers and Square Scene at one time would give you even a more of a vantage view to the book.
I thoroughly enjoyed your Juliette Gordon story. She was a Dr Jekyll & Ms Hyde wasn't she?
Thank you. The USS Yarnell huh? What kind of ship was that? If I remembered what kind of ships are named after what I wouldn't be asking that question.

3:06 AM  

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