Sunday, April 29, 2007

The House through the School Window

A couple of postings back were some pictures of Waterman Street School. While telling about behind the school I told about a big colonel style house that we could see from the school’s windows.

Here is that house, from the opposing view.

The Frazier family lived in it at one time and another time the Fletcher family lived in it. Beauty From the Ashes is a fictional novel written by Eugenia Price based on when the Frasure family lived in the house.

I am not positive, but I believe from the 1920s until the at least the time I was at Waterman Street School looking threw the windows at the house the family of Frank M. and his wife Fleta Barclay Trammell Boston owned and lived in the house.

Fleta Barclay Trammell was the daughter of Leander Newton Trammell. Leander was once the Governor of Georgia for one day, for technical reasons – a day between two governors kind of thing – pro tem? I am related to these Trammells, we share a common ancestors. It just occurred to me while typing this Fleta’s middle name was Barclay. This may be far-fetched, but I see a possibility that is why Barclay Circle of Mareitta is so named. As I said before the house was also owned by the Fletcher family.

Another book, Dairy of a Landlady by Louise Fletcher, the tells of downtown Marietta during the Civil War time, activities of the Kennesaw House, and their summer home on Barclay Circle. This book was a limited number of copies printed, it was available at the Marietta History Museum.

Kennesaw House (photo by Rocky Hunter)

The Fletcher family owned the Kennesaw House hotel in Marietta in Civil War times. They owned it when Andrews’ Raiders stayed there and stole The General (Great Locomotive Chase) the next day…. Anyway, to make a long story short, the Fletchers had a summer home on Barclay Circle where they stayed when Sherman took over Marietta in 1864.

Fleta Barclay Trammell was named so because that was her mother’s maiden name. And the Fletchers owned the summer home on Barclay Circle about 40 years before. So, how could Barclay Circle named so at least 40 years before Frank Boston’s wife Fleta Barclay Trammell came along? – well, I don’t know yet. But, I see there might be a connection.

Anyway, fast forward to present. The house looks in to be in need of repair. Several years ago there was a plaque out front saying it was a home for unwed mothers.

Time changes.

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