Saturday, April 28, 2007

Glover Park Concert Series Starts

Yesterday the Friday night concerts (each last Friday of the month) started for the season in downtown Marietta on the Square. We went… it wouldn’t be completed without us, but no one else knows that but us.

Last night’s concert was a blues/beachboy type of music. It seems they would cancel each other out, but they were pretty good and provided some good dance music.

There were wall-to-wall people all over Glover Park, where the concert was, and also on an adjacent street blocked off. In front of the bandstand an area is blocked off for reserved tables and that is where all the elite site, and behind the bandstand on the blocked off seat were also a sea of tables but I am not sure those are reserved or you just bring your own table and set up your own. It seems to the be thing to decorate your table and the neighboring trees up with whatever theme you choose and then Mrs. Morris, the lady in charge of the concerts gives an award for the most creative table. It is an America’s “Look-at-me” competition at its best.

In the elite roped off dining area was a girl I was good friends with in high school. We sort of had a brother sister relationship. She was wealthy – so, when we matured we naturally went our separate ways. Back then she also taught a little girl baton twirling – the little girl was Anna..

Although there were many people there, a few stand out as people we have seen year after year. There is one man who is apparently single – he comes along. He has an electric wheel-chair…. He arrives late and insists on a certain place by a little wall with a good view. Each time he has to just about by mechanical force clear the area for him and his machine or he has to verbally asked for it. For a couple of years I have been thinking about politely telling him if he would get there a couple of hours earlier then he could get his choice spot by first-come-first-serve. Last night he lost out, the people there would not relinquish their place.

Near us in a picnic mold was a large group of middle aged people. I don’t think any of them had a wedding ring on. Marietta Divorce Club? They seemed to have a good time… several of them made a show dancing, showing they still had what it takes – and were pretty good at it.

Next to us were a humble nice polite husband and wife with Georgian accents. It didn’t take us long to discovered they were natives. And he used to lived in the same neighborhood as a good friend and his family… although he was about 8 years younger than my friend and me…. He knew the whole family.

It is a small world among natives – it doesn’t take long to be tripping over one’s own feet with the 3 or 4 degree law.

Each year an artist paints a picture that is used by the city’s parks and recreation for the official concert poster – the picture with the schedule of the concerts someplace on it. This year was the first year the artwork was not of Glover Park, where the concert is held. The artist usually has prints made up and has a table that she is signing prints and selling them. This year was no exception. This year the artist is the Mayor’s daughter.

Gee, I wonder how she was picked even though she strayed from the traditional theme?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You always do such a good job of watching people. I hate crowds myself, which i why i like writing my blog so much. It seems to me the best way for me to interact with people without having to be near them and all THEIR GERMS!!!!! me go away now and calm down.

Seriously though, ed I always like your observations,

5:37 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I am always invisible in a crowd, alone in my own way - but I am not invisible to the germs... darn it.
Thank you.

5:40 AM  

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