Sunday, November 26, 2017

Was It a Test?

This evening I went to a dollar store to buy some more Christmas lights.  I found them with the help of another shopper.  He didn't talk except one word at a time.  He pointed them out to me.
I studied the box.  The box said it held 20 clear lights.  The man stood aside and let me read the box.  Then he said, "Buy?"
I told him I wasn't sure, I better call my wife and ask to see if this exactly what she wanted and how many boxes.
As I punched in our home number I saw that he was standing behind me and looking over my shoulder, which got me confused and I punched something that made a message pop up to tell me I dialed wrong, or whatever.  At the bottom of the message was a OK.  Meaning,  touch the OK button and the message would go away.  I was still stunned with him still looking over my shoulder, I did not press OK but he did.  He reached around me and pressed the OK and it went away.
Next time before I dialed I walked over about two aisle and quickly called home.  Anna told me to buy 5 boxes.
So, I went back, the strange man was gone.  I picked up 5 boxes and went to the cash register.  He was checking out, right in front of me.  Whatever he was buying he was $2 short.   He turned around to me and said, "Two!" and held up two fingers.  I looked confused of what he was saying.
He repeated himself, "Two!" with two fingers.
I asked, "You want two dollars from me?"
He nodded gleefully.
I said, "No!"
The truth is I did not have two dollars.  I was using my credit card, and I thought it would get complicated to ave is two dollars added o mine also.
The Cashier took whatever was worth $2 out of his sack.
He left.
After I left and got into the car and drove out of the shopping center, I saw him walking up the street with his dollar store  plastic bag.

Oh me.  


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