Thursday, November 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Billy, Rodney Petty, and Me

Throwback Thursday.  This is Billy and Rodney Petty, sons of my uncle Roy Petty and his wife Dorothy Humes, about 1959.  This same Christmas card photo was used as an insurance advertisement and was in Saturday Evening Post.  At the time they lived in New York City.

Later they moved to Carmel, NY, where Roy was over Clear Pool's Boy Camp, a Heinz Foundation project.  The second picture is of me and some Navy friends visiting Clear Pool Camp and played cowboys and Indians.   Rodney and Billy and in that picture also.  That was about 1964.

The color picture was taken about 1985 of Billy and his wife Joy when they visited Marietta.  They live in Colorado.  

PS click on the picture of the boys camp. You see the dog without a tail. On a previous visit when I was in the Navy we were on walking on a road that went around a lake and a car went around the curve past and almost hit us, but swerved and hit the dog. The mishap cut the dog's tail off.

Billy and Joy Petty


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