Monday, November 13, 2017

About 20 Minutes of Fame

We watched LA LA LAND today.  It is all about music; struggling musicians and musicians with a name.  And it deals with many types of music. The whole movie was surrounded with music.
On several occasions  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone broke out into well rehearsed choreographed dance number with tap dancing and all, for no apparent reason.
It reminded me of many years ago when  I had a blind date with a co-worker's cousin.  It either 1962 or early 1963.
I was in the Naval Reserves and was taking advantages of the cheap beer on the Naval Air Station and of course the E.M. Club.
I lined up my co-worker with my friend Ed and with her cousin we double-dated and went to the E.M. Club on the base.
It was Saturday night.  A live band played.  A shit-stomping band that the drums were the most played instrument I think.
A few people started dancing.  I asked my blind date would she like to dance and she said yes.  I am not a dancer but I am an imitator.  While dancing she would make a move and I would imitate it, only funnier.  She saw the humor in it and made even a funnier move and I would top it.  I don't think the dance movement of reeling a fly-line for your partner and reeling her in was invented yet, but I think I just did then.  Then, she lassoed me with her invisible lasso and dragged me around the perimeter of he room.
Everybody but us quit dancing and just watched us.  That made us get even more innovative and creative.
We put on a good show that night.

I think that was our only date.  She married another friend of mine when I was on active duty.  Which was fine with me, I didn't know her well.  They had kids and opened up a nursing home business.  
And not too many years ago she died of cancer.


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