Monday, November 27, 2017

Book Report: THE UNQUIET GRAVE by Sharyn McCrumb

Authors Patricia Springer and Sharyn McCrumb, 2003

I think I have read all of Sharyn McCrumb's books and each one is unique.  Several fall under the "Ballad" grouping, which I enjoyed more which mostly have reoccurring characters that I got to know and felt at home with, such as Nora Bonesteel, and elderly lady who saw the dead do things; Sheriff Spencer Arrowood; his Steve McQueen - like deputy, Joe LeDonne; and others.  THE UNQUIET GRAVE, also a Ballad series book, has none of the characters I knew.  However,  The Mothman, who I know of, made a vague mentioned, but not  by name.  In this book like other Ballad books by McCrumb, the dead did something undead:  Speak.
It is a well researched book of an actual murder that took place in West Virginia, before the 20th rolled in.  But most the people in the book would have lived to see the year 1900.
The book was well laid out and well written and am glad I read it, 

Another book of McCrumb that I enjoyed so much is the Battle of Kings Mountain.  My ancestor, got his arm sliced off during the few minutes the actual combat of Kings Mountain.

Sharyn McCrumb came here to Marietta not long ago promoting THE UNQUIET GRAVE.  I already had my Kindle copy and had no excuse to go see her, to sign what, the back of my hand? 

However I did see her at another time she was in Marietta in 2003 at another book promotion at the Book Exchange(pictured above).


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