Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Does the Pope Tweet?

The Pope wagged his fingers at his Catholic followers for using their cell phones during Mass services.

I think cellphone addiction has gotten out of hand.  Maybe there should be CPAA, (Cell Phone Addiction Anonymous) organization to meet daily and talk to others like them about their addiction.   Wait!  It probably would not work because there would be too many people, it would be larger than a "group" and that is the best time for a cell phone addictive person get on their cell phone, when they are sitting in a group of people.  Just about every time I see a candid photo of a group of people at least two are on their cell phones.

There was a sign at the post office, in the counter service area saying, "TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES".  But I noticed the sign is no longer there, it probably got where it couldn't get anybody to obey it.

Also in the work place.  I see people working all the time with a cell phone to their ear.  No one seems to mind, but there is a reason why there are laws against people using their cell phones while driving, it takes your concentration away from what you should be doing.

I suppose it is a new way of life and we old farts need to adjust.


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