Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I Hurt Myawld

I don't think many people think of  me being much of a handyman.  It is not that I am not mechanical inclined but I'm just don't want to get my hands dirty, greasy, or sticky.   Ewww!
Yesterday  I blew leaves off our driveway and most of my late in-laws driveway, did some more little odd-jobs.  I  bought a smoke detector and installed it; attached the little bracket to the ceiling, using my drill, screwdriver,  and sharp eyes. Yessiree!  I was on a roll!
After mission accomplished I meant to hop off my little ladder like a pro.
But instead making a graceful leap off the ladder my foot got caught between the rungs and I had a forceful crash landing.
While lying on the hall's floor  I did a mental body check.  I felt like my ribs and left armpit socket was knocked out of whack.
But after hobbling around making excuses and then taking a mile walk it got my body fluids circulating and I almost as good as new.

But it still hurts when I giggled.


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