Thursday, November 09, 2017

Throwback Thursday: The Cobb County Extension Building

This was the Cobb Country Extension Building on the corner of Waddell and Lawrence Streets.  It was designed to have a staff of agents giving farmers a helping hand.  Cobb County was mostly a rural farming community.  The agents would visit farms and test their soil and suggest what they should grow or what other chemicals should be added and other details to improve farming.
That was daytime stuff.
At night it rented or loaned  space to various civic organizations in the basement. 
I know because our Boy Scout Troop 132, sponsored by Saint Joseph's Catholic Church met there.
When I first joined the troop me met in the Clay Homes meeting building, but in a short time we were in the basement of the County Extension Service.
We were there for only a short time too until we got kicked out. 

I think some of us were too mischievous to be turned loose in an office building after hours with unlocked office doors. 

Our group patrol in the basement of the Cobb Extension Blg
Left to Right: Me, ?, ?, Late James Brown, Walker Gaines, Gene Sanges, and Frankie Hunter (no relation).

Troop 132


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