Sunday, November 05, 2017

$$$ From Jukeboxes - POOF!

In a recent blog I talked about My late friend Larry Holcomb and his freshly bought Chevy he and it breaking down on the 4 Lane.

Larry died in 2000.

Here is another Larry Holcomb Adventure:

Larry's father was Gene Holcomb.  Gene was a Georgia State representative.  Then he was caught embezzling funds and was sent to prison.

Larry was put in charge of the family business, juke boxes.

Larry went around to various restaurants and hangouts. Would take the change from the jukeboxes, sat at a table or booth, count it, and give the proprietor half and he would put the other half in his sack.

One day I went with Larry to make his rounds.  We went to various beer joints, eateries, and one private club.  
The private club was last.

It was almost the same setup as a speakeasy.  You ring a bell, a little window opens and someone checks you out before there is a click at the door signifying "Enter."

It was a mid day in midweek. Only the manager and bartender were there.

Larry got the change out of the jukebox and we sat down.  Larry counted the money and gave the manager half and put the balance in his sack.  I think he had by then a few hundred dollars in the sack.  At some joints he would swap change into bills.

We left.  We got maybe a quarter mile away when Larry realized he forgot to pick up the sack.

We sped back to the private club and they let us back in.  They said they didn't see the sack.  The two men made the motions of looking around the room here and there.  Nope! Not here! (they said)
In case you are wondering, the club was a big Greek plantation mansion with big columns that lined the porch.

Shortly after that a big car lot was in the front and a sign that said Strother Ford.  Then the big mansion was bulldozed away and now car dealerships are on both sides of the 4 Lane.


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