Friday, November 17, 2017

My Telephone Conversation With Franklin Garrett

This is Franklin Garrett (1906-2000).  He was the official historian of Atlanta. 

About 1990 I called the Atlanta Historian Society and told the operator that I would like to talk to somebody about  Troop movements in the Civil War.

My call was given to Franklin Garrett.  I did not expect to be talking to the Official Atlanta Historian.  I asked him a question about a certain CSA Unit, that a relative was in, like where were they before the Battle of Atlanta and where did they go afterwards  He told me just a moment and I could hear him walk away.

Maybe 5 minutes or more he returned and told me.  What he told me led to another question.  He said, "Hold on." and I heard his footsteps walk away and returning footsteps, and he told me what I asked.

While I had him on the line and he was good quickly finding information about my relatives I asked him a question about another relative.  He left and returned with the answered.  This time he was breathing heavy.

After he told me the answer he said for me if I had any more questions please asked them all at the same time, he was having to walk up a flight of stairs each time.

I think Mr. Garrett and I both learned something that day.


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