Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where's Taylorsville

Yesterday we spent a good part of the day in the Cartersville area.

While there I thought about Taylorsville, which is just a few miles west of Euharlee on Hwy 113.  As far I know I have never been to Taylorsville, Georgia.

My ancestor Greenville Pullen, Sr. and his wife Mary Polly Taylor Pullen settled in Cartersville.  Mary Polly is the daughter of James Taylor and Mary McCrohen.  I think when they settled in the Cartersville area so did other members of the Pullen-Taylor extended family. One of James Taylor's kids and his family went outward to Taylorsvile.  It would be nice to see Taylorsville, get the lay of the land, so to speak - to get an idea of my late kin-folks environment. 

We drove to Taylorsville using GPS and road signs.  At one point a sign off the big wide 4-Lane expressway  looking road hwy 113, almost void of vehiles,  pointed down a smaller road to Taylorsville.

We turned and drove about four or five miles seeing beautiful farm land and rolling hills.  We saw a sign saying "Taylorsvilleville City Limits".... but no public buildings, only barns.

We kept on riding and came upon, again, Hwy 113.  We turned east and went back to Cartersville.

Where was Taylorsville? 


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